The non-residential leasing industry reported $45.4 billion in operating revenue and $30.0 billion in operating expenditures in 2013, resulting in an operating profit margin of 33.9%. Ontario had the largest share of operating revenue, accounting for 42.0%, followed by Quebec (17.6%) and Alberta (15.9%).

Lessors of residential buildings and dwellings generated $35.4 billion in operating revenue in 2013, while they reported $23.2 billion in operating expenses and an operating profit margin of 34.6%. Ontario generated 35.6% of residential rental income, the largest share, followed by Quebec (26.9%) and British Columbia (15.6%).

The real estate property managers industry generated $5.9 billion in operating revenue in 2013 and reported operating expenses of $4.8 billion. The industry’s operating profit margin was 18.8%.